Victor Wanyama Doesn’t Owe Kenyans a Hospital, How He Spends His Ksh 7 million a week salary is no one’s business

On May 21st 2019, a tweep sparked heated debate on social media when he slammed Harambee Stars captain and Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Victor Wanyama for not being philanthropic.

The tweep, Njuguna Nyenjeri (@ECDGraduate), shared a photo of a hospital constructed by former Chelsea and Ivory Coast legendary striker Didier Drogba and went on to slam Wanyama for failing to initiate such project in Kenya.

The tweep further stated that only a fraction of Wanyama’s Ksh 7 million a week salary (Ksh 28 million a month) would finance such a project.

“This hospital has been constructed by Didier Drogba right from the purchase of land. Our Own Victor Wanyama earns 28 million every month but has not constructed a single classroom in his backyard which will cost him a mere 700k,” Njuguna Nyenjeri tweeted.

Some people defended Wanyama stressing that he is not a political leader and as such he doesn’t owe any Kenyan anything.

Critics, however, argued that Wanyama’s fat salary should inspire him to do philanthropic work just like Didier Drogba.

Most detractors, however, seems to be oblivious of the fact that there are several millionaires and billionaires in Kenya who equally have same amount money or even more money than Wanyama and no one is intimidating them to donate towards charity cause.

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All in all, the desire to promote the welfare of others should come from within oneself and not from pressure exerted by other people. Victor Wanyama surely doesn’t owe Kenyans a hospital… How he spends his Ksh 7 million a week salary is also no one’s business.