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Visa Free Countries For Democratic Republic of Congo Citizens

This is a list of visa-free countries for the Democratic Republic of Congo passport holders. Algeria has the 98th most powerful passport in the world with access to 41 countries (visa-free and visa on arrival). This is according to a recent report by the Henley Passport Index.

As of 1st January 2021, Democratic Republic of Congo citizens have visa-free access to 18 countries and territories.

Visa Free Countries For Democratic Republic of Congo Passport Holders

Country Duration of Stay
1.  Benin 90 days
2.  Burundi 3 months
3.  Central African Republic
4.  Dominica 21 days
5.  Haiti 3 months
6.  Mauritius 90 days
7.  Micronesia 30 days
8.  Philippines 30 days
9.  Rwanda 90 days
10.  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 1 month
11.  Samoa 60 days
12.  Singapore 30 days
13.  Zimbabwe 3 months
14. Northern Cyprus
15. Palestine
16. South Ossetia
17. Transnistria
18. Pitcairn Islands 14 days
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