Best Places To Shop For Plus-Size Wedding Gowns In Kenya

Getting a fitting and magnificent wedding gown is every bride’s dream. But this doesn’t come without a hustle, you have to shop far and wide to get your dream wedding gown, that’s for normal size wedding gowns, so imagine the struggle many plus-size brides out here go through to get a wedding gown that is even their own size.

Plus-size brides have to go and order custom-made gowns which in most cases have many flaws because there are very few experienced wedding gown tailors who deal with plus-size gowns, most of them deal with gowns of like size 12 or so. We did a research on the best places where you can go and shop for plus-size gowns hustle free and get your gown almost immediately as you want it.

1. Abigail Bridal Boutique

Phone: +254 733 723 777


2. Gal Bride Centre

Phone:  +254 722 801 578


3. Molly Bridal Boutique

Phone: +254 7-086-69363


4. Afro Elegance

Phone: +254-202491776

5. Bliss Bridal Shop

Phone: +254 720364629


6. Elle Bridal

Phone: +254796126748


7. Shani Bridal Place

Phone:  +254-202714904

8. Ihsani Culture Wedding Gowns

Phone: +254 0711 575264

9. Malaika Brides

Phone: +254-721352511

10.Bride To Bride Kenya


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