What is an Optician? When would one see an Optician?

Eye health is an important parameter and a part of general health and well-being. Eye health needs to be tested and kept under check so that a person can know how their vision is and if they need any assistance to see clearly or without placing excess stress on their eyes.

Some people are short-sighted and some have far-sightedness. There are other conditions such as astigmatism and dry eyes that place stress on the eyes and decrease vision. Opticians can help in prescribing the right power of the eyes by testing the vision.

An eye doctor or an ophthalmologist is an eye doctor who can check how the eye is doing and if there are any issues with vision. An optician can test the power and prescribe the right lenses that can help in seeing using specs or contact lenses.

Who is an Optician?

An optician is a professional who excels in the science of opticals. Opticals is any apparatus that helps patients see clearly via a lens such as spectacles or contact lenses. An optician is a specialized person who can check the vision of a patient by the use of many technologies and methods and arrive at the power or the level of eyesight.

Based on this, the optician can prescribe the type of lens, power of the lens, and the special features such as Toric, Prism, and bi or trifocal lens. An optician can help prepare the right set of specs or contact lenses that will be fit for usage for the patients and help them see better without any strain on the eyes.

An optician works jointly with a hospital or clinic and dispenses lenses and corrective aids as prescribed by an ophthalmologist. Opticians issue many kinds of optical aids for helping patients see better.

The range can be as limited as just lens and frames for spectacles, or as extensive as prosthetic aids such as shells or artificial eyes. Opticians have specialized technologies to determine eye vision. They also have labs that help in developing lenses and fit them into frames for customers.

For customers who require lenses, a specialized lab that works with plastic hydrogel material is required. The lens is developed specially by the lab to suit the power of the patient.

When to visit an Optician?

When searching for ‘opticians near me’, one can obtain a list of some of the best opticians in Kenya. For those living in Nairobi, the best opticians in Nairobi are aplenty. There are many opticians but choosing the best optician is important as only the best optician would be able to help patients perfectly with their eye power and the best visual aids that they require.

Keeping a check on one’s eyesight is very important. Visiting an eye doctor once in a while can help in keeping a check on eye health. When someone suspects that they are not able to see beyond a certain point which they used to, or if sight is becoming fuzzier, it is better to visit an optician to get your vision tested.

An optician has basic technology to test eye power. He may even prescribe the best set of lenses for the patient. The patient can choose between lenses that are suited for spectacles or a contact lens or with special requirements such as Astigmatism.