What is Pesalink ? How Does Pesalink Work? All explained

PesaLink is a money transfer service from a local Kenya Shillings bank account to another local Kenya Shillings bank account in real-time. It is a collaboration between all local banks who are members of the Kenya Bankers Association (KBA) and is managed by Integrated Payment Services Limited (IPSL) which is a subsidiary of KBA.

Pesalink can be accessed via

1. Your Bank’s Online Banking
2. Your Bank’s  Mobile Banking (App and USSD)

How to send money vi Pesalink

  • Using online banking or mobile app, select local transfers and setup PesaLink
  • Using your bank’s USSD and  select PesaLink

Pesalink Charges 

Check out Pesalink charges here 

Pesalink app download

Pesa Link does not have an app at the moment, you simply download your bank’s app and access it.

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