What Regulations Does Kenya Have for Online Casinos?

The online casino industry is growing rapidly in Kenya. It does not seem like very long ago when online casinos first began to operate within the borders of Kenya, but now this is one of the most rapidly growing industries within the country.

Key points to note:

  • Rapid growth of the casino industry in Kenya
  • Online Casino are becoming very popular
  • Strong government regulations bring safety to players
  • Legalize and regulated land-based and online casinos

Fantastic Online Casino Options

In the last 16 months, a number of great online casino options have become available to canyons. Many of these sites now allow users to be able to access the casino using a smartphone or other handheld device, eliminating the need for a laptop or other type of personal computer.

This has helped the industry to grow quickly, and now there is a great level of competition that has arisen. Players are able to enjoy fantastic casino style games, no matter what type of game they like to play, while also receiving perks that are available. As you can see at this list of the top Kenyan online casinos available on bestcasinositeskenya.com, matching initial deposits and free games and spins are just one of the many perks that players can receive for signing up.

Plus, many of the best casino sites in Kenya have thousands of games available for players. They can play a number of games, such as:

  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Poker
  • Other forms of table games

Hundreds of different theme-based and price option slot machines are also available. It is truly remarkable how much players can enjoy these games made by top software providers.

What has made these games even more enjoyable, is that funding an account is easier than ever. Where it used to be that players had to use a major credit card or transfer money out of their bank account, now they can use several different payment options. This includes e-wallets, even cryptocurrencies. It is another example of how Kenya has improved technology within the country that allows people to be able to transfer money in numerous ways, something that was not available even for five years ago.

It’s Lawful and Secure

While many people are enjoying the great benefits of playing at Kenyan casino sites, it is important to understand that the success of this industry has at least partially been due to governmental regulation. The government of Kenya has ensured that players can be confident that they are playing games that are fair and give them a real opportunity to win.

There are some online casinos out there that operate beyond the reaches of the government. They have not been licensed to provide games for players, and those sites often defraud or cheat players in some way or another. Unfortunately, unless the government is able to catch these illegal online providers, there is nothing that players can do. They are at the mercy of these illegal operations, and this is why the government continuously encourages players to ensure that any online facility they use has received the proper licensing.

The new Gambling Act of 2020 opened the door for online casinos to become legal within the country. As long as an operator receives the proper licensure from the government, they are able to provide casino style games for players. There are taxes that are imposed upon the casinos themselves, where this money is used for the benefit of running the government.

A Brief History of Gambling in Kenya

It is important to understand that legalized gambling has been available in Kenya for only about 50 years. This first began in 1966, when the country created a new law, the Betting Lotteries and Gaming Act. Prior to this law being enacted, the only gambling occurring within the country was of the illegal form. Government agencies try to shut down these operations, but often had limited success. At that point, it was decided that it made more sense to have a state-run casino operation to protect players.

Since then, gambling in the country has increased rapidly. There are land-based casinos that operate within the borders of Kenya, as well as a National lottery and sports betting venues. The use of online casinos is a relatively new venture in Kenya.

It should be noted that Kenya has much more lax regulations in terms of online gambling than several of their African counterparts. In fact, there are strict laws against online gambling in South Africa, where penalties of up to 10,000 rand can be imposed for those caught using online casinos illegally.

In Kenya, players are free to enjoy these casino-style games. As a result, online casinos in Kenya have blossomed and become an important industry within the country.

Who Protects the Players

In Kenya, the Betting Control and Licensing Board is not only responsible for providing licenses to online and land-based casino operators but is also tasked with ensuring that operations of these facilities are done so in a fair manner. They have complete jurisdiction over the issuing of licenses in the operations of these casinos and do a diligent job of protecting consumers from any fraudulent activity.

Prior to March 2020, there were no operators licensed to provide online casinos that were stationed within Kenya. However, several offshore facilities were providing gambling services to the country, and laws have been changing over the last 16 months to promote the idea of online facilities being available to operate within Kenya itself.

It will be the responsibility of this Betting Control and Licensing Board to oversee any online gambling activity that is occurring within the borders of Kenya. They will oversee and continue to oversee all operators who wish to provide some form of licensed, legal gambling within Kenya’s borders. This is intended to ensure that players are protected from potential fraud or scams, something the government of Kenya has deemed an important task for the regulatory agency.

Protecting Players

It is important to understand that the Betting Control and Licensing Board is doing much more than providing regulatory protection against fraudulent activity. In a country where as many as 20% of the people earn about $1.25 per day, it is important to protect the citizens of Kenya from risking the small amount of money that they already have on gambling at best online casinos in Kenya or at land-based facilities.

Many psychologists and activists have been pushing government bodies to limit the amount of gambling that is available to residents within their country. This is true in Kenya as well. They understand that those who are given the opportunity to play these games can easily become addicted, creating a severe strain upon their family as well as the country as a whole.

Thus, it has become the role of the Betting Control and Licensing Board to provide protections to ensure that the potential harm to players is limited. This is not always an easy task, considering that some would still turn to illegal forms of gambling if denied access to legal options. However, the national government of Kenya has been working with the Betting Control and Licensing Board to try to help protect players from themselves.

A Growing Industry

It is surprising to think that just 15 months ago, one could not legally play in an online casino in Kenya. The new gambling law enacted in 2020 has drastically changed that. Now players are able to enjoy playing their favorite casino style games without fear of becoming in violation of the law when they play at Kenyon online casinos.

As part of the new law, the Betting Control and Licensing Board is now working with the National Gaming Authority which has created a governing body that handles all disputes regarding gambling activities. This gives players, government agencies, and the casino operators themselves the ability to handle any disputes that may arise. It has been quite successful in helping to mediate potential problems that have occurred and has been a great model for success within the country.

Being proactive like this has helped to make online gambling a big success within Kenya. Regulatory laws have ensured that games are fair and give players the opportunity to win an acceptable amount of time. It has also ensured that the government has reaped additional tax revenue that is helping to improve the overall efficiency and protections that the government is able to provide. This industry is doing quite well and will continue to do so. Kenyans Can truly play their favorite casino style games and will be able to do so for many years to come.

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