What Sports Should You Bet On?

Betting has been part of humanity’s culture for longer than we can remember. Even when it was officially banned by authorities – religious or otherwise – it still found a way to stay alive, both as a habit and a form of entertainment. Today, betting is an acceptable pastime in most parts of the globe thanks in part to the internet. Betway Tanzania online sports betting is accessible to anyone with a smartphone and a mobile internet. Betway is a major international brand strictly regulated in all markets where it is present, offering a complete and accessible service to all bettors, no matter if they are professional or occasional.

For many, in turn, the first look at a betting outlet may seem overwhelming. There are countless options to choose from, some mainstream, others more obscure and very regional – as in from regions of the world that are far far away from us. It may seem hard to decide which sport to go with for a fun and meaningful betting experience. Here are a few tips on how to choose the right one.


Association football or soccer is the most popular sport in the world. And it also has the highest number of events you can bet on. Plus, it is the sport that everybody knows – even if only tangentially – and about which everyone and their dogs are having an opinion.

Football is a great choice for bettors not just because of the incredibly wide range of events covered but also for its highly competitive odds and some of the safest betting markets you can choose (like “double chance” or “draw no bet” – but more on that at another time).

Football is also the best choice because of its extensive media coverage, especially of the biggest and most popular leagues – both local and international. Usually, there is a way to follow the match on TV or through a streaming service online – sometimes directly from the betting outlet’s app.


Tennis is another sport with a great following around the globe – not as big as football, mind you, but still. But most importantly, it has some of the most recognizable personalities and several major events throughout the year. Not to mention the fact that it routinely comes with big surprises and rising stars – like newcomer Emma Raducanu who has blasted into the spotlight by winning one of the most important tennis tournaments of the year, the US Open.

Tennis has many markets to choose from aside from the outright winner of the match – think “first set winner” or “number of games”. Besides, it is usually more widely covered by the media than football (it has a more lax licensing system) so it’s more likely you’ll be able to follow the matches as they happen on live TV or online.


Boxing is another very popular sport – but also a very irregular one, at least when it comes to the fights of the truly big names. Oh well, it’s their rarity that makes them special, right? This is exactly how betting outlets see them – and when a big title fight comes, they always surround it with countless promotions and special offers.

Boxing comes with a few unique markets attached, like the means the winner uses to achieve victory (like knockout), the number of rounds, and many others.

Ultimately, it should be a sport you know and like

But when it comes to choosing a sport to bet on, the most important thing is that you know that sport well. Sports betting is not a game of chance – you can predict the most likely outcome of an event, but only if you know the sport. Otherwise, it’s just guessing – and this never works well.

Betting on a sport you are familiar with and passionate about will only enhance your experience of enjoying the sport. At the same time, betting based on gut feelings on a sport you don’t know very well will most likely end in disappointment. Choose well.