Must Read: What to Do If Your Mobile Phone Gets Lost or Stolen in Kenya

According to a recent report by Jumia Business Intelligence, 60% of the Kenyan population own a smartphone today.  Thanks to the evergrowing market for affordable phones in the country. However, as the number of smartphones keeps increasing, cases of phones being stolen for the recent past have also gone high. But what are you supposed to do when your phone get’s lost or stolen? Take a look at this insightful highlight by Wahome Thuku.
 Emper Kabi commented…
Good advice man… I know better now .. I was picked by Cid like one month ago kwa keja Ka nimechil and linked to car theft… Just because a friend of mine a while back had used my phone to make a call idk to who they were with in car hire business.My phone later on got lost.I never picked an abstract.luckily, I was able to assist them find the guy who made the call. I still had to spend a few days in cell and I bribed my way out. As for the guy he has a pending case and just got released from remand recently through cash bail of 300k.I found them with my lost phone uscheze na ao watu. Phone cases are the worst.ukipoteza simu chukua abstract for your own protection. In fact my new advice is don’t give out your phone to whoever ata Ka ni rafiki to mk a phone call. MTU ANUNUE SIMU YAKE!!!  – Emper Kabi
 Suleiman Mbatiah commented…
My sister lost her handbag that had her IDs, ATMs and phone.She reported to cops and applied for another ID, notified the bank that disabled the ATMs.The thugs used the ID to register a Safaricom line and Mpesa.The line was used to steal money from a bank totaling to millions.On investigating, the banks anti fraud and cid officers pounced on my sister.

The money was stollen in Nakuru banks and was summoned to travel to Nakuru which she did.

To cut the long story short, it’s a report she had made at Kasarani Police Station that saved her from rotting in jail. It’s that OB no that saved her.
Always report – Suleiman Mbatiah

Wanyeki Kago commented…

Wahome Thuku, most police stations have a unit dealing with lost phones and cyber crime. But these have become extortion units. This is how it works: You report your phone is stolen and give them the IMEI number, they trace it when the next sim card is inserted into the handset and arrest the bearer (usually a person who has bought it from a third party). They don’t inform you of the recovery. The story is then laid to the arrested person that the former owner of that handset is a victim of murder and the charge will be robbery with violence and murder. Of course, there is a way out, one is told, if he parts with say 50-100k (and hand over the phone) the whole charge will disappear. The same phone is again used on somebody else. Some of our policemen/women are rotten to the core!

And I am talking from experience; someone I know had to cough 40k to get off the hook. The other rule of thumb: avoid buying secondhand cellphone handsets from the the street.

Always do a report to any nearest police station to avoid being a victim of the above circumstances.

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