When Fans of a Football Team Celebrated a Title Too Soon

There is very wise advice for life which says that it is never a good idea to celebrate something that hasn’t happened yet. This has also happened in football, and at the bookmaker online 1xBet you can wager on teams who are likely to win titles.

On the 19th of June 1993 a bizarre situation was seen in Colombian football. A final league round was played in order to decide who would win the tournament of that year.

  • Independiente Medellín;
  • América de Cali;
  • Junior de Barranquilla;
  • and Atlético Nacional.

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Two matches played at the same time

During the last matchday, Independiente Medellín played against Atlético Nacional. At the same time, Junior played against América de Cali. Don’t forget to find slots ug on 1xbet.ug/slots/, which you can play while waiting for decisive football matches.

All four teams were tied on points before the matches began, meaning that all of them had chances of being crowned champions.

When the first halves of the matches ended, América was defeating Junior 1-0, while Independiente was drawing 0-0 with Atlético Nacional. You can find slots on 1xBet ug, which you can explore before the next great Colombian football match starts.

Champion for a few minutes

The second halves were absolutely chaotic moments, as the title seemed to change hands every few minutes. Junior managed to score two goals in quick succession, leaving their match 2-1. At the same time, Independiente with Atlético remained 0-0. With those results, Junior would be the champion. Prior to the start of another great Colombian football match, you can visit the http://1xbet.ug/casino/ website and try its great games.

In the 78th minute of their match, Independiente finally scored a goal against Atlético. A few seconds later, América scored their second goal against Junior, leaving that match 2-2. With those results, the title would be claimed by Independiente. This would be their first title in many decades.

The match between Independiente and Atlético ended with 1-0. Fans of the former immediately flooded the field celebrating with their players. At the same time, Independiente’s footballers gave interviews as the great champions.

However, they forgot a small detail. The match between Junior and América didn’t end yet. In the middle of an interview with an Independiente player, a journalist heard on the radio that Junior scored another goal, putting their match 3-2. Independiente fans and players went from celebrating to absolute dismay in a few seconds, as those results gave the title to Junior. If you want to wager on Colombian football, you are welcomed at the 1xBet website.


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