Best Places To Shop For Kids Toys At Affordable Prices In Nairobi

Childhood is a very vital stage for us human beings and how we were raised contributes a great deal how we will behave as we age…that’s, most of the things we experience in adulthood were deeply rooted in our childhood experiences. Well, back home, Kids stuff are not so cheap, especially if the kids are very tender. Toys, on the other hand, are almost a necessity if you have children nowadays so as to keep them occupied and avert “disaster” at home.Toys also build your child’s imagination and creativity and children who play often with toys are more intelligent.

Closer home, many parents who leave their children with nannies know that the nannies will turn on the TV and tune to Afrosinema, stretch their legs on the couch and leave the kid “busying” themselves hence the reason why toys are fundamental in modern homes.
Below are some of the best places to shop for kids toys at affordable prices in Nairobi.

1. ToyWorld Kenya
Phone: 0728537022

2. Baby Mama
Phone: 0725 983434

3. Top Toys Ltd
Phone: 020-7122104

4. Kids Are Us
Phone: 0728 -537 022

5. Kydos Toy Shop
Phone:  0716 793999

6. Smile Toys Kenya
Phone: +254-22 700387

7. Child Village
Phone: 0722732435

8. BabyWorld Children Shop Nairobi

9. OLX
You can go and check the toys on sale here, pick your favorite and bargain with the seller.

10. Candlelight Books and Toy Store
Phone: 0722 736923

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