10 Of The Best Tattooing Parlors You Should Try Out in Nairobi

A tattoo is associated with elegance, modesty and class. Many people think having a tattoo is more of trendy and modern like, well it is anyway.

Tattoos are inked to the body and don’t get off unless they are removed by specialists in a painful process and that’s why it’s advisable that, before you get a tattoo, ask your self if it’s gonna be a longlasting tattoo…not something like a name of a relationship partner who you are not even sure you will marry someday and then he/she leaves you one day…well, that’s just an example
Here is a list of the best places to go get yourself a tattoo within Nairobi.

  • Nairobi Ink Tattoos And Body Piercings – You can contact them on 0722155495.  Located at Kenya Cinema Plaza 3rd Floor.

1.Epic Tattoos
Location: Komarock Estate

2.Alligator Kenya Tattoo
Location: Githurai 45 (Glad Stay Plaza)

3.Bigmeeych Tattoo Shop
Location: Moi Avenue

4.Body Shock (Right Gifts Ltd)
Location: Yaya Centre

5.Skintech Tattoo And Piercing Studio
Location: Kitamu House (Tubman Rd)

6.Kwemz Tattoos
Location: Moi Avenue

7.Immortal Tattoos
Location: Ruprani House (Moktar Daddah Street)

8.Nairobi Ink Tattoos And Body Piercings
Location: Karen

9.Alligator Kenya Tattoo
Location: Glad Stay Plaza (Githurai 44)

10.Bigmeeych Tattoo Studio
Location:Veterans House (Moi Ave)

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