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Why Is Dubai’s Healthcare System One Of The Best In The World?

Dubai is famous not only for its luxurious beaches, huge shopping centers and amusement parks, but also for very high-quality medicine. Every year, a large number of people come to Dubai for the purpose of medical tourism. Let’s see exactly how Dubai’s healthcare system works and why it’s so effective.

There are different types of tourism. Someone goes on a trip to get acquainted with the culture of other people. Someone to lie in the sun. Someone to have fun, go shopping or arrange a gastro tour. Well, someone comes to another country to improve their health. This is justified, of course, by the different level of medicine and medical equipment in different countries. In the United Arab Emirates, the level of medicine is very high, this creates the basis for a growing “medical tourism”. According to available data, 337,011 medical tourists visited Dubai in 2020. The government is constantly improving the medical sector of the Emirates, because the number, obviously, will only grow.

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There are enough doctors here in the United Arab Emirates. 3 years ago, medical products worth 12.1 million dirhams were sold in the Emirates. This exceeds the results of the previous year by more than five percent! People from all over the world come here to improve their health in many areas – from orthopedics to dentistry.

The healthcare system in the Arab Emirates is rapidly improving and developing from year to year. At the local level, oversight is carried out by local health authorities. Such health authorities operate on the territory of each emirate. In recent years, the number of doctors has increased before our eyes. For example, according to statistics, the number of dentists has increased four times. Impressive, right?

The growth in the number of medical specialists is so rapid and unstoppable that the level of medicine in the country is involuntarily growing. Also, due to the high emigration attractiveness of the Emirates, every year the UAE is filled with more and more highly qualified doctors.



If you are visiting the Emirates for the purpose of treatment and are worried about the language, we will reassure you. “Medical tourists” prefer to use medical services within the private healthcare system. Here, the absolute majority of doctors speak English, so many doctors, as we have said before, have moved to Dubai from other countries.

The question of cost is always reasonable. We answer. As for residents of the UAE, each of them has the right to access medical care in the country. But for tourists or foreigners, the cost will be quite high. However, it is possible to lower the cost with a National Public Health Card. To do this, you must contact the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention. If you have such a card, you will be provided with a 50% discount on medical services. Exactly the same as the citizens of the country. It is worth considering that the card costs 500 dirhams, the number of medical institutions in which the insured has the right to undergo treatment is limited.

We hope that this article gives you a fairly comprehensive answer to the question “why is there such a high level of medicine in the Emirates?” We wish you good health, lots of rest and fun!