6 Reasons Why Many Kenyans Consider Travelling At Night

You may have travelled at night because circumstances forced you to, or you had to catch up on something early the other day urgently.

Many businessmen who travel often usually do it at night. Night travelling may have its bad side like arriving earlier than you expected and having to wait at the station till dawn, or incidentally being mugged…, but it’s one of the best times to travel.

Here are some of the reasons why many Kenyans consider travelling at night as compared to daytime.

1. No Traffic
At night, there are usually no traffic jams, especially by the time of departure which mostly is 10:00 PM.
So many travellers like travel on a traffic-free road with no overlapping matatus, motorcyclists or even the heavy vehicles.

2. To Save Time
Many Kenyans are usually busy running their errands during the day and they view sitting on a bus for like 5-6 hours during the day as a waste of time. This is why they travel at night because at night, instead of sleeping, they travel, sleep in the bus and arrive at their destination in the morning to run their businesses there too.

3. Travelling At Night Is Comfortable
Humans usually sleep at night, that is engraved somewhere in our DNA. When you travel at night, you can sleep comfortably unlike during daytime as sleep is usually distracted by blaring horns, noisy motorcyclists and even talkative passengers.
Night travel gets most passengers asleep hence it’s quiet and serene.

4. Notion Of Arriving Faster And Spending Less Time On The Road
Many people have that notion that if they travel at night, they are gonna reach their destination earlier than during the day, well this is in a way true because there are no traffic jams at night and once somebody is asleep, time seems to fly like crazy. You sleep and the next minute you open your eyes, you have arrived.

5. Night Travel Is Less Hectic
Night travel doesn’t have many struggles like lining up to book a ticket or to board the bus.
Night travel also unlike day travel is quiet and serene.

6. Night Ambience
The environment at night is a bit friendly, save for the biting cold which you need to carry a warm blanket for or wear a heavy sweater.
Daytime travel environment is harsh, especially when it’s sunny and the bus or ‘shuttle’ has no air conditioner and the adjustable glasses are up high for the cool breeze to flow in.

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