Why Kia Cars are So Cheap

Kia Motor Corporation, headquartered in Seoul, is South Korea’s second-largest automobile manufacturer, following the Hyundai Motor Company, with sales of over 3.3 million vehicles in 2015. However, many people have been asking why these Kia Cars are So Cheap.


Here are reasons why Kia Cars are So Cheap.

1. They are built to last 5-7 years 

2. Their production line is  very short

3. They don’t have a  good gas mileage hence being unsafe and cheap

4. During their production in South Korea, very cheap labor is used resulting to their cheapness. 

5. Their body parts are of poor quality i.e they use plastic parts for its major body

6. Kia has a reputation for being a disposable car ; their resale value is incredibly low

Victor Matara

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