Why University Degrees Are Increasingly Becoming Useless in Kenya

With the increasing cost of college tuition, student loan debt, job scarcity, and opportunities for entrepreneurship online, is it any wonder that grads are wondering: “was getting my degree worthwhile?” This question always comes up when one ends up being jobless after the 4 years of  hard work to get that ” prestigious degree” .

Today, we are going to highlight some of the reasons why most graduates in our country are still jobless despite having a degree.

1.  Lack of Creativity

Nowadays employers want creative people who will help them increase their sells.  Most of the graduates  seem to think that the simple act of attending University makes you more innovative and creative. That’s simply not true.

Creativity and innovation don’t come from what people teach you: new ideas come from your personal experiences, and your interaction with your environment.

2. Most Professors Aren’t Concerned About Your Education

I know people who graduated with a degree in engineering who couldn’t do a derivative. I’m not joking.
Many professors are far more interested in tenure and their research than they are about making sure you get the best education they can possible give you.

3. People are not serious about Networking

After getting that degree, don’t just sit down and wait for an opportunity to be advertised. Many, many jobs aren’t advertised, so if you want to be in with a chance of getting that internal promotion or taking a role outside your company as a step up, you have to network to find out about them. People recommend people they like, so while you might not have met the person you will be working for in the future you might have met one of their contacts who could put you forward for that dream job.

4. Most graduates lack timely Labor Market Information  

The cabinet secretary of education Dr Alfred Matiangi once said that most students attend Universities and during their time there, they are not prepared for the job market at all.  Once they graduate, they become stranded out here wondering what to do next. Due to lack of proper grooming by their Universities, graduates remain unemployed, lacking the skills and necessary knowledge needed to traverse the job market.

5. Most Graduates are Choosy

I know a number of friends who have graduated but still can’t do a  certain job because it is not ” cool ” . According to a recent study made by High Fliers Research, the number of graduate vacancies available to students may be at a high, but roles are increasingly left unfilled because students are becoming too picky to take them.

Victor Matara

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