Why You Should Live in a Bedsitter in Nairobi If You Are Earning Less Than Ksh 40,000

Honestly, most of us came to Nairobi to look for money; it doesn’t make sense spending three-quarter of your salary on rent, which leaves you in debt the better part of the month.

If for instance, you are earning Ksh 20, 000, there is no need of looking for a house where you’ll be paying rent of more than Ksh 5,000. Just go to Kibera, Pipeline, Kayole, Githurai, Kariobangi or Mathare and get a single room for Ksh 3,000. This will give you humble time to concentrate on your work and save some money to develop your village.

Someone earning Ksh 40,000 in Nairobi will end up receiving Ksh 33,000 in his bank account after tax. A wise man will spend only Ksh 9,000 on rent and save at least Ksh 10,000 every month. But what happens in Nairobi, the same person will live in a house where he pays a monthly rent of Ksh 14,000. He will also have two girlfriends who take Ksh 5,000 each per month, he will also spend some good cash on drinking. Surely, even if this man works for 20 years, will he even rescue himself from poverty.

We were born differently, and there is no time you will be your friend. Don’t compete with people who are not your class, always keep your lane and set your own standards based on your capabilities. It doesn’t cost you anything to live your life. The only option you have is to work hard and leave the rest to God.


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