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Working For An Airline – Is A Hospitality Degree Useful?

If you love working with people, and helping them to have a good time, you may have considered a career in hospitality. This means that you will want to get vocational training or a relevant academic qualification.

If you choose the vocational route you may be able to take advantage of free tuition for students who are looking for apprenticeships. Of course, you may decide that studying for a hospitality degree is a better option. What you may not know is that getting this type of degree can open doors outside of the traditional hospitality arena. For instance, you may be able to use your degree to secure a job working for an airline.

Why a hospitality degree opens more doors than you think

You may be wondering how a hospitality degree would enable you to get jobs outside of the traditional hospitality arena, such as a career at an airline. The truth is that there is a diverse range of roles where a hospitality degree can be useful. Some of these roles are ones that you might expect such as:

  • Hotel management.
  • Event management.
  • Working as a professional travel agent.
  • Restaurant management.
  • Convention organisation.

However, there are many career options which you may not immediately connect with a hospitality degree. This includes working for an airline.

How a hospitality degree can help if you want to work for an airline

You may not have considered this before, but many jobs within the airline industry require people to be good at hospitality management.

For instance, flight attendants often play a similar role to that of a hotel reception manager or a restaurant host, on the ground. This is because they represent the face of the airline. This means that they are often responsible for creating a passenger’s impression of the airline brand. You can begin to see why it’s important for flight attendants to have a good knowledge of hospitality management.

The same applies to airline employees who work at the ticket desk or in airline lounges. They need to understand how to help people and make sure that they enjoy the journey. Hospitality skills play an important part in this, so being specifically trained in hospitality is a distinct advantage.

These are just some of the roles within the airline industry where having a hospitality degree can be of benefit.

In summary

If you are thinking of studying for a hospitality degree, you should remember that working within the hospitality industry is not your only option. You may want to think about using your degree to secure a role within the airline industry. Doing so means that you can work with people and help them to have an enjoyable experience while seeing the world at the same time.

This is an opportunity that you may relish. After all, it allows you to make good use of your people skills while broadening your horizons and experiencing different cultures around the world.