Worst Paying Jobs In Kenya

Folks at victormatara.com combed through various data to identify the professions in Kenya that don’t pay all that well.


Kenyan teachers have been on the streets for the longest time ever demanding better pay and working conditions. So that sums up how stressful and underpaying the profession is. Lowest paid teacher in Kenya earns Sh21,756.

2.Police Officers

Despite the risks associated with their job, the police come as the second poorly paid people in Kenya. The lowest ranking salary of a police officer is approximately Ksh 20,000 a month, way below the average cost of living in Nairobi.

3. Sales 

A salesperson can earn as little as Ksh 10K while some of them are paid on commission. This means that if you fail to sell the product, no pay for you.

4. Security guards

One of the riskiest job in the country.  However, these guys are paid less than 10,000 in a month.

5. Nurses & Doctors 

They have been on the streets severally demanding better pay. According to KMPDU secretary general Ouma Oluga, the lowest paid doctor earns a basic salary of Sh40,000.


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